David Hagdahl profile links

This post is just to confirm links to some of the David Hagdahl profiles all around the web. See About page for full list.

Onename  seems like another try on all the failed identity services.

New LinkedIn replicas popping up collecting data for recruiters, like Remote.com and Angellist. Amazing that sites like Xing are still alive.

I really like Prezi, the more creative alternative to Powerpoint.

last.fm music David Hagdahl listened to, and the Spotify profile. Don’t miss out on the playlists.

Mostly automated posts from David Hagdahl on Tumblr. No longer used profiles on Mobypicture, and Panoramio. Never really used Myspace or Pinterest.

Digg obviously deleted my old account, this is the new Digg profile for David Hagdahl.

DeviantArt still alive and running for artists, I never found use for it. The same goes for Behance.

I can’t access my old Pressreader profile so I created a new one.

Old list of links to profiles about David Hagdahl.

Peekyou found some mostly inaccurate information about David Hagdahl.

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